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Near Ax 3 Domaines

In Ignaux :
B&B Les Gardeilles
B&B Les Granges d'Ignaux

Les Gîtes d'Ignaux

These accommodations are also located near to the ski resorts of Ascou-Pailhères and the Plateau de Beille.

Much of Ariège is mountainous--with its 10 ski stations it can satisfy skiers of every level, from the beginner to lovers of extreme skiing. And the biggest cross-country ski station in the Pyrenees, the Plateau de Beille, offers excellent snow conditions well into spring.

You don't have to put on skis to enjoy the Pyrenees in the winter. Snowshoeing is the fastest-growing winter sport in France, and can be practiced wherever there is snow on the ground. With "raquettes à neige" on your feet you can explore places you couldn't reach any other way. Wherever you stay in Ariège, your hotel, B&B or gîte owner will be able to tell you where to hire snowshoes, find a mountain guide and where the nearest good trails are located.

The ski stations in Ariège


1100 -2100 m 40 kms of pistes

Goulier Neige
 1500 - 2000 m . 5 kms of pistes
Ax les 3 domaines
 1400 - 2400 m. 75 kms of pistes

Ascou Pailhères
 1500 - 2000 m . 20 kms of pistes

Les Mont d’Olmes
 1500- 2115 m.18,5 kms of pistes

Plateau de Beille(x-country ski domain) 1800 -2000 m. 75 kms of pistes 

Etang de Lers
 (x-country ski domain) 1300 - 1615 m. 30 kms of pistes
Mijanes Donezan
 1530 - 2000 m. 9 kms of pistes
Domaine du Chioula
 1240 - 1650 m. 60 kms of pistes


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