400 g maize meal

300 g flour
1.5 liters of milk

1.5 liters of water
125 g butter, cut in pieces
125 g sugar
15 cl orange flower water
1 tsp salt

This dessert resembles a sweet polenta. It was traditionally prepared when butchering a pig or fattened ducks, when a lot of extra fat is on hand (duck or pork fat was used instead of butter). For this reason, you'll often see millas sold in butcher shops.
To make millas, you need a copper cauldron (failing that, a very large pot), a "toudeilho", a stirring utensil made from the top of a fir tree (failing that, a large spatula) and a large, white, coarsely woven cloth.
In the cauldron, boil the water and milk. Add salt and slowly pour un the flour and maize meal, stirring constantly.
Add the butter, sugar and orange flower water.
Cook on low heat for 1 hour, stirring often. The millas is done when the "toudeilho" stands up by itself in the mix. Pour out the millas onto the flowered cloth and spread into a 2 cm thickness.
Let cool and then cut into small squares. To serve, fry in butter and sprinkle with sugar. (It's also delicious with maple syrup.)

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