Elevage de chevaux de Mérens


Domaine de Sié

Xavier Paquin & Simone Verdier
Domaine de Sié
09500 Mirepoix
Ariège-Pyrenees, France
Tél/fax : 00 33 (0)5 61 68 85 28

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In early June, the herd departs for the "transhumance" when they are led up to the summer pastures in the high mountains at 2000 m altitude. They will be left there in total liberty for 5 months, during which time the foals will acquire the rusticity and robust health that characterises the Mérens breed.

estiveAt 2 years old, the colts and fillies are broken for the saddle and the harness with a view to their future use but also for presentation in the famous Mérens competition : the concours de Bouan. Numerous supreme champions are born of our breeding farm: Narcisse Castelmir, Chico de Sié, Fennec de Sié, Isatis de Siét, etc.

Our type of Mérens horse:

We strive to keep the characteristics that have made the Mérens successful: rusticity, resistance, versatility--but also to develop the qualities that are indespensable for a good leisure horse: size, impetus, aptitude for work, easy character.

Our type of dressage:

Gentle dressage. From the moment of birth, the colts and fillies are raised in the herd and in freedom so that they benefit from social life, hierarchy and play. But they are brought in very regularly for training sessions where they acquire the classical basics of education and equitation. Our dressage centre, certified by the SHERPA, has operated for over 20 years and we train about 30 horses per year thanks to the skills of an experience agro-engineer leader and a professional rider.

By virtue of our selection and our breeding programme, our horses destined for sale are very balanced and particularly sure for outdoor riding and as well as the harness because they are "active yet calm".

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