This is a traditional staple dish in the valleys of the high Ariège.

1 large cabbage

750 g firm potatoes

4 salted pork ribs

2 "saucisses de couennes"

duck confit (4 thighs or 8 wings)

4 garlic cloves
4 carrots

2 large onions

1 bay leaf

1/2 liter ham broth (make from dry cured ham -- "jambon du pays")

1 dried liver sausage (300 g)

Wash the cabbage. Blanch it for 5 minutes in boiling water.
Mince the carrots and onions and sauté in duck fat. Add the pork ribs ("coustellou") which you first washed to remove excess salt, the saucissons de couennes, the ham broth, bay leaf; cover with 2.5 liters of water, season with pepper and bring to a boil. Add the cabbage.
Cook on a low flame for 2 hours. Then add the potatoes, the liver sausage cut in pieces, the duck confit with excess fat removed. Lay the rouzole on top. Cook for another 30 minutes on low heat.
After cooking, skim off the fat and pour the broth into sepaate pot. You can serve the broth as is or after cooking some vermicelli in it.
Serve the vegetabels, the meat and the rouzole on a large platter, with mustard and cornichons on the side.

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